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Retinal Surgery

Retinal detachment

A retinal detachment is a medical emergency because it is sight threatening.

Retinal SurgeryThe main symptoms of retinal detachment

Patients sees flashes of Light often accompanied by Floaters (ittle black spots moving around in front of your eye)

What looks like a black curtain.  The other eye has to be closed to see this!

There are certain risk factors for retinal detachment, which include:

  • High Myopia more than -5.00
  • Trauma to the eye
  • Patients whom had cataract or other eye surgery.
  • It is very important to visit your ophthalmologist regularly, at least once a year if you have any of these risk factors. And it is even more important to see your ophthalmologist immediately when you experience any of the above symptoms.

Retinal detachments have to be treated surgically. The quicker a patient presents to the doctor, the better the outcome, although 15% of people may need repeat surgeries for the final reattachment of the retina.

I was referred to Dr Chrissie Cockinos. She diagnosed Wet Macular degeneration in both eyes. I was devastated as I could go completely blind.

She recommended that we start immediately with Avastin eye injections and assured me that I will fly my model airplanes again!

It was a terrifying prospect, but Dr Cockinos steered me through the initial nerve wrecking stages in such a way that I could almost say it was a pleasure.

When I went to Dr Cockinos initially, my eyesight was 20% in one eye and 30% in the other….

Today my eyesight is 70% and 80% respectively.

I have my life back. I drive, I read, look at television and fly my precious model airplanes sometimes even using a flight simulator!

Dr Cockinos is right at the head of her profession and fulfilled her promise that I will again fly my airplanes!!

Andy Osche

My already macular degenerated vision deteriorated somewhat with the development of Vitreomacular Traction in my left eye. My vision was so distorted that everyday life became difficult as I was unable to drive, watch TV or read. Dr. Cockinos advised that I had a macular hole which needed to be repaired surgically.

Having been a patient of Dr. Cockinos for 3 years I have complete faith in her ability and skill. My Vitrectomy was duly done at the Sandhurst Eye Centre a few days later.

As I understood it the surgery entailed removal of the vitreous, a repair of the macular hole and the insertion of a gas bubble in the vitreous cavity.

A few days after that my little bubble (which had for the last few days behaved like a floater), disappeared completely and I was given the all-clear to fly home.

Six weeks later I returned to Johannesburg for check-up – delighted at the fact that the sight in my operated left eye was now better than my right eye. Check-up examination - 70% sight, an excellent result. A heartfelt thank you Dr. Chrissie Cockinos for your precious skill and on-going care.

Melanie Bousfield
Chingola, Zambia.

I have been seeing Chrissie for about 15 years for Macular Degeneration and am very happy. Especially that I have my eyesight back with the treatment of injections. I will continue to see her and recommend many patients.

Maureen Holland