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Retinal Surgery

Retinal detachment

A retinal detachment is a medical emergency because it is sight threatening.

retinal detachmentThe main symptoms of retinal detachment

Patients sees flashes of Light often accompanied by Floaters (ittle black spots moving around in front of your eye)

What looks like a black curtain.  The other eye has to be closed to see this!

There are certain risk factors for retinal detachment, which include:

  • High Myopia more than -5.00
  • Trauma to the eye
  • Patients whom had cataract or other eye surgery.
  • It is very important to visit your ophthalmologist regularly, at least once a year if you have any of these risk factors. And it is even more important to see your ophthalmologist immediately when you experience any of the above symptoms.

Retinal detachments have to be treated surgically. The quicker a patient presents to the doctor, the better the outcome, although 15% of people may need repeat surgeries for the final reattachment of the retina.