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Testimonials from some of my patients

Dear Dr. Cockinos,

I have no correct words to indicate my sincere appreciation to you and the entire team for the excellent work.

When I came to Sandhurst for eye checkup, I was pessimistic on type of care and restoration of my vision; coming for the surgery I was very nervous having read the potential complications.

The experience I had was a dream come true; the entire team is brilliant and very welcoming, the surgery was a master piece and my vision is great. I’m able to see what I haven’t seen in the past 30 years and driving is no longer a challenge.

Since thanks to you, Jade, Cheryl, Wendy, Sylvie, Quanta, Corlie and the rest of the team.

Tambudzai Chrissie Rashidi

Thank you Chrissie for my wonderful cataract procedure and the results.

I felt so confident in your expertise and liked your caring but quick and encouraging attitude.

Now, I have much better vision and enjoy all the occupations needing good sight.

A joy at 87.

Warm wishes from Marlene Sharpe.

Dear Chrissie

I came to you to assist me with the spider webs in my eyes and you saw that I had cataracts as well. You suggested fixing my eyes by removing the cataracts and inserting a lens to improve my sight and now I don't need glasses.

It took me 3 months to decide as I was nervous and once done you have restored my sight to near perfect. I can't thank you enough for your good work. It was all so simple and painless and you and your staff are excellent and efficient. I particularly liked the short visits to hospital, 2 hours for each eye, and your charge included the after care visits as well.

I'm a big fan of you and your work and would recommend you to anyone who has eye problems. I'm 74 and I wish I had come to you years ago.

All the best to you and the staff

Eddie Toevs

Although I knew the surgery was inevitable I really wasn’t looking forward to it. The thought of having my eye cut into and a lens inserted wasn’t my idea of a fun time.

On the day of the surgery I was quite nervous but there was no need at all, the environment is extremely comforting and so are all of the staff. A quick chat to Chrissie and the anaesthetist followed by a short walk into the surgery and 25 minutes later I was on my way back to recovery.

After a snack I was on my way home with no discomfort at all. The check-up with Chrissie the following day confirmed that the procedure had gone well and I had perfect distance vision in the eye that had been operated on. Now I am looking forward to having the other eye sorted out.

What a pleasure.

Greg Botes

Choosing Dr Chrissie Cockinos to correct my eyes was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had had a number of unhappy experiences with other eye specialists over the past ten years, all of whom were highly transactional in their approach which always left me feeling empty and disappointed.

I chose Dr Cockinos because apart from her professional expertise described on the Sandhurst Eye Hospital’s website, I saw her kind face and knew she had the extra gift of a personal touch that the other doctors lacked.

Dr Chrissie exceeded my expectations beyond anything I could have wished for. She is so gentle and caring and kind, that by the time you walk into the operating theatre and see her waiting for you, you feel 100% comfortable that everything is going to go well. Her presence in the theatre is one of complete calm and super competence.

The procedure was quick, painless and the post-op care outstanding.  All my follow up visits were something I looked forward to and enjoyed.  Her whole team, Sian who checks your vision and Sue who receives you at the front desk are so warm and welcoming. Dr Cockinos’ practice has the personal touch that people need when they are nervous about such a sensitive part of their body being worked on.

I recommend Dr Cockinos to every person I meet who needs exceptional eye care with a wonderful bedside manner. She certainly changed my life and I am so grateful to her for giving me my vision back.

Shelley Loock

I was referred to Dr Chrissie Cockinos. She diagnosed Wet Macular degeneration in both eyes. I was devastated as I could go completely blind.

She recommended that we start immediately with Avastin eye injections and assured me that I will fly my model airplanes again!

It was a terrifying prospect, but Dr Cockinos steered me through the initial nerve wrecking stages in such a way that I could almost say it was a pleasure.

When I went to Dr Cockinos initially, my eyesight was 20% in one eye and 30% in the other….

Today my eyesight is 70% and 80% respectively.

I have my life back. I drive, I read, look at television and fly my precious model airplanes sometimes even using a flight simulator!

Dr Cockinos is right at the head of her profession and fulfilled her promise that I will again fly my airplanes!!

Andy Osche

My already macular degenerated vision deteriorated somewhat with the development of Vitreomacular Traction in my left eye. My vision was so distorted that everyday life became difficult as I was unable to drive, watch TV or read. Dr. Cockinos advised that I had a macular hole which needed to be repaired surgically.

Having been a patient of Dr. Cockinos for 3 years I have complete faith in her ability and skill. My Vitrectomy was duly done at the Sandhurst Eye Centre a few days later.

As I understood it the surgery entailed removal of the vitreous, a repair of the macular hole and the insertion of a gas bubble in the vitreous cavity.

A few days after that my little bubble (which had for the last few days behaved like a floater), disappeared completely and I was given the all-clear to fly home.

Six weeks later I returned to Johannesburg for check-up – delighted at the fact that the sight in my operated left eye was now better than my right eye. Check-up examination - 70% sight, an excellent result. A heartfelt thank you Dr. Chrissie Cockinos for your precious skill and on-going care.

Melanie Bousfield
Chingola, Zambia.

I have been seeing Chrissie for about 15 years for Macular Degeneration and am very happy. Especially that I have my eyesight back with the treatment of injections. I will continue to see her and recommend many patients.

Maureen Holland

Dr Cockinos and Sian were excellent. They made me feel very relaxed with the whole procedure and were able to answer all my questions confidently. Very happy with my results and service. Would highly recommend them to anyone considering eye correction surgery

Daylin Kirk

Wearing glasses all the time became impossible with my boisterous and extremely playful toddler! Not having to do so after PRK has been life changing.  Dr Cockinos and her team were so patient and calm with me when I was extremely nervous, for that I’m so grateful.

There was nothing to worry about as the procedure was completely painless. I remember looking at a little light and waiting to start, but then it was all done without me even realizing. I was expecting a painful recovery following surgery, but luckily sailed through the weeks that followed. My eyesight was worse at first but by the end of the third week was restored to 20/20 vision! I would highly recommend PRK. 

Jenny Wysoczanski

From the first consult I felt comfortable and confident about the procedure. Dr Cockinos made the process sound simple and easy. The results far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend the PRK to anyone looking for improving their vision. 

Patrick Wysoczanski