Are you a candidate for laser corrective eye surgery?

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Well are you? Don't wait, it's really quick and easy.

Laser Corrective Eye Surgery

Technological advances in laser corrective eye surgery have improved in leaps and bounds.

My practice is located at Sandhurst Eye Centre, where we provide eye surgery and eye care using the latest technology and state of the art equipment. I qualified as a laser corrective eye surgeon in Chicago, London and Sandhurst Eye Centre.

Read my own story of a total change in lifestyle, the convenience, and the amazing cost saving on contact lenses and solution, after having my vision corrected with laser.

Often asked is the question of whether astigmatism can also be correctd with laser. The short answer is a definite yes!

What's your first step?

For both you and I to assess whether you're a good candidate for laser corrective eye surgery, you'll need to schedule an eye examination.
You can either fill in this quick form and we'll call you back, or, give us a call on +27118832426 - speak to Sue or Leeann and schedule that important first step.

Yours in Good Eye-Health
Chrissie Cockinos (Ophthalmologist, Sandhurst Eye Centre)


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