Blepharitis - what is it?

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Blepharitis is such a common condition.It probably occurs in 30- 50% of patients who visit an eye specialist.

It is so often undiagnosed because it causes the same symptoms as dry eye and allergies. Patients will often talk about “scratchy eyes, dry eyes, heavy/tired and sore eyes, sensitive eyes,” but there is underlying blepharitis causing those symptoms.

Also dry eye, allergies + blepharitis are often part of a triad called ocular surface disease .All 3 conditions need addressing in order to alleviate the problem.

Lubricating eye drops, antihistamines (oral eye drops or both) plus lid hygiene + scrubs and /or antibiotics, topical treatment /oral antibiotics can be prescribed by your eye specialist.

Eyelash extensions are a foreign object to the eye and can be a casual factor of blepharitis and /or allergies. A good eyelid hygiene regime is important when women wear eyelash extensions.

One of the commonest micro-organisms causing blepharitis is staphylococcus. Another cause which is very common is Demodex blepharitis.

A very effective way of getting the eyelids clean is using an eyelash/eyelid cleaner shampoo such as Chrissanthie eye lid cleanser with tea tree oil.

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