Benefits of laser corrective eye surgery

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So what are the benefits of laser corrective eye surgery compared to contact lenses or glasses?

For years, I have been a moderately myopic (short sighted- unable to see far) person, despite my training as a doctor and eye surgeon. I didn't really trust the previous methods of laser corrective eye surgery as many eye surgeons don't.

Benefits of Laser Corrective Eye Surgery

However in the past couple of years, technological advances in laser corrective eye surgery have improved in leaps and bounds. So I took the plunge after qualifying myself as a laser corrective eye surgeon in Chicago, London and Amsterdam to have the surgery done on myself.

Suddenly, I could see without glasses or contact lenses!

25 years worth of soft contact lens costs, special cleaning solutions and annual glasses fell away.

No longer was I dependent on my aids in an aeroplane ( losing my glasses and not being able to find them hidden away in aircraft pockets and sides of seats)...

No longer did I have to remember my contact lens case filled with solution and dry eye drops on planes and traveling to hotels...not to mention the glasses for just in case...

Hundreds of thousands of rands worth of eye care and aids that I had spent keeping my visual crippled state in check...

The minute I sat up from the laser table I could see. It took a couple of weeks of taking it easy at home and using eye drops and being patient with my sensitive eyes to finally have comfortable vision.

I will never look back or regret my decision to have laser corrective surgery.

Yours in Good Eye-Health
Chrissie Cockinos (Ophthalmologist, Sandhurst Eye Centre)

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